The Secrets of Droon
Tony Abbott

When Neal and Julie agree to help Eric straighten up his basement, they never imagine that they're in for more than getting a little dusty. But as the three kids follow a soccer ball into the small room under the basement stairs, the floor suddenly evaporates to reveal a rainbow staircase to another world; the world of Droon!
American Girl series
Multiple Authors

Meet Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, Molly, and Julie; American Girls from various periods in American history!
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Richard Atwater

The unexpected delivery of a large crate containing an Antarctic penguin changes the life and fortunes of Mr. Popper, a house painter obsessed by dreams of the Polar regions.
The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (and an even Smaller Ant)

Avon the snail and Edward, a take-charge ant, set off together on a journey to an undetermined destination in search of unspecified adventures.
Freckle Juice
Judy Blume*

Andrew wants freckles so badly that he buys Sharon's freckle recipe for fifty cents.
The Velveteen Rabbit, or, How Toys Become Real
Margery Williams Bianco

By the time the velveteen rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.
Flat Stanley
Jeff Brown

After a bulletin board falls on Stanley while he is sleeping, he finds that being flat has its advantages.
The SOS File
Betsy Byars*

The students in Mr. Magro's class submit stories for the SOS file about their biggest emergencies, and then they read them aloud for extra credit.
The Spy on Third Base
Matt Christopher*

A third baseman is sick with anxiety about whether or not to help his team by using his knack for knowing where the batter is going to hit the ball.
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Beverly Cleary*

A reckless young mouse named Ralph makes friends with a boy in room 215 of the Mountain View Inn and discovers the joys of motorcycling.
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Roald Dahl*

Three farmers, each one meaner than the other, try all-out warfare to get rid of the fox and his family.
Amber Brown
Paula Danziger

Amber Brown faces numerous challenges as her best friend moves away and her parents get a divorce.
The Hundred Dresses
Eleanor Estes

None of her classmates pay much attention to Wanda Petronski until she announces she has 100 dresses in her closet. Everyone laughs and teases her so much that she stops coming to school. Then, her classmates discover she really does have 100 dresses and discover something about teasing and themselves.
My Weird School
Dan Gutman

At Ella Mentry School, all the grownups are quite weird in their own weird way. A.J., who doesn't like school, finds that he enjoys learning with his crazy teachers.
Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm

Smart, spunky, and sarcastic Babymouse faces life's many issues, makes choices, and learns how to deal with the consequences.
Horrible Harry
Suzy Kline

3rd grader Harry gets into numerous misadventures, which his best friend Doug records in this delightful series.

Jackie French Koller

Finding a baby dragon accidentally left alive after his older brother's dragonquest, Darek risks death and the anger of his people in trying to return it to the Valley of the Dragons.
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo
Nancy Krulik

Katie is an ordinary third-grader—except for one very extraordinary problem! She accidentally wished on a shooting star to be anyone but herself and soon learns that wishes really do come true!
Sarah, Plain and Tall
Patricia MacLachlan*

When their father invites a mail-order bride to come live with them in their prairie home, Caleb and Anna are captivated by their new mother and hope that she will stay.
Judy Moody
Megan McDonald

Meet Judy Moody, a third grader with plenty of attitude. She has moods to fit every occasion and special faces she makes to go with them.
The Adventures of Captain Underpants
Dav Pilkey

The only thing George and Harold enjoy more than playing practical jokes is creating their own comic books. And together they have created the greatest comic-book superhero in history -- CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! Here's the story of what happened when the plan back-fired, and Captain Underpants leaped off the page to save the day!

A to Z Mysteries
Rob Roy
Dink Duncan, Josh Pinto, and Ruth Rose Hathaway have hobbies and pets and parents, but what they love most is a good mystery.
Time Warp Trio
Jon Scieszka*

Friends Joe, Sam and Fred discover a magic book that sends them traveling through time where they solve mysteries, battle bad guys, and have awesome adventures!
Charlotte's Web
E. B. White*

Wilbur, the pig, is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner until his spider friend, Charlotte decides to help him.